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Tricks And Tips To Generate More Traffic To Your Website

Generate More Traffic To Your Website

With the addition of GOOGLE’S NEW FEATURES – Know how to generate more sales for your brand?

Do you offer regular discount coupons to your clients or customers?

You heard it right. If you think that’s not gonna work, Cyber Monday wouldn’t bring in $7.8 billion in sales.

Everybody is interested in cracking the best deals. It’s obvious, People look for better ways to save money. We all know that. Right? Even Google knows that.

So, they included a new feature where brands can give welcome offers to their clients or customers as a form of rewards.

What’s the best part?

Customers can remain updated with new deals once they are posted. Also, They can receive first-time deals by following your brand.

With Google’s new feature, one can fill the detailed information in your welcome offer:

  • Title (30% off)
  • Description
  • Coupon Code (Optional)
  • Terms and Conditions (Optional)
  • Website (Optional)

Isn’t that cool?

One important task is to claim your brand URL.

For listing offers brands can choose a short name and URL.

It’s important, as someone else can claim it if you don’t do it.

Do you know how Google Assistant is helping customers?

Customers can order their food from any restaurant and food chains through Google Assistant. The ordered food is delivered through partners like, Slice, Zuppler, ChowNow, etc and more partners are increasing soon.

To order your favorite food, customers can click on “Order Now” and select the delivery.  

Another way is Auto-generated posts that are based on reviews

If you are busy, but you have no other choice than to create content.

Google makes it easier for you.

To generate new posts, Google is creating auto-generated posts for you.

Control your Images to boost your conversions

Brands can now set a preferred profile cover photo in your image carousel and can also have a spot for logos at the upper right of your profile beside the brand name.

It is an additional feature that will be prominently featured where the regular NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number), as well as business hours, will show up.

Now you can create offline material easily

A new website will be launched where brands can order and get custom promotional goods such as stickers and posters for the advertisement for their business.

This will encourage customers to follow places on your profile, make reviews, and make bookings.

To add more, you can even add signs like ‘follow us’ on Google and more for free which is one shipment per location.

Using Google’s Place Topics

Google has recently launched Place Topics that uses data based on reviews to provide information on what existing customers think about your brand.


Know about Q&A Auto-Suggest Answers

Here is another new feature, you would love to know about.

Google uses previous answers to questions and Google My Business Reviews to answer new questions on the spot. When you start writing the question, you find different answers pop up to give the best match.



Check out Google My Business. With the new updates and features, it is easy to generate sales and collect leads for your brand.

In the future, you’ll witness a deeper integration between Google My Business and Google Assistant. This is going to be important as  

According to ComScore

“50% of the search queries will be soon made by voice searches”

It’s the best way to have advantage over your competitors. Leverage Google’s new features and releases in order to save your money and of course, it will help you generate more traffic to your brand website.

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