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10 Myths About Link Building Everyone Must Ignore

link building

Are you confused about Link Building?
Read the 10 of the biggest link building myths, that are prevailing in the industry.

1. If you build links, visitors will come to your website:

You may hear a notion from many SEOs and Digital Marketers that “If you create great content and other valuable resources, the visitors will come to you”.

This may be true if you already have a widely recognized website, or, you are already a brand.

But, If you are just like one of those common websites, who are struggling to get recognition – You are having a dangerous mindset that can kill your website.

To get people to visit, build the roads better – to lead them to visit, wherever you want – on your website. This is the first step to Link Building.

2. To rank your website, You don’t need links:

 Google uses links to

  • Discover new web pages
  • Determine how a page rank in search results.

It not only observes the page content but also on the incoming links from external websites.

When more high-quality websites are linking to your website, the more it ranks well on the search engine results.

3. Only high DA links matter:

 Low DA (Domain authority) may indicate that it’s a new website.

But, if you keep metrics away for a moment. Relevancy matters along with authority.

If a link is relevant to your website but is of a low domain authority

It is equally important to target it.

Because niche based websites have more relevancy, which is more important than high DA websites.  

4. Link Building to your Asset pages:

If you are building links to your resource pages, that will provide success to your results which will increase profit and add more value to your profile on the longer run.

5. Creating the most informative linkable asset:

 You don’t need to use heavily-packed worded “guides” or researched “reports”. Instead of thinking about beating your competitor’s word count,

Perform quality research to build an authoritative resource in your own niche,

Which ignites more interest.

6. Emails bring more links to your website:

Sending emails is to pitch your clients (who even have the smallest bit of relevancy) which will lead to more conversions and purchases.

For link building, it doesn’t matter.

It increases the chances of other websites to link when your ideas are more thoughtful and personified.

When more emails start pouring over email, it becomes easy to go over the generic ones.

7. Link building helps you only algorithmically:

 Links are fundamental to Google’s algorithm  With quality backlinks, websites tend to rank faster for the keyword in SERPs.

This is not the only benefit.

Apart from algorithmic,  It has more benefits like Brand Visibility, Building relationships which helps achieve your marketing goals.

8. Pursuing only exact match anchors helps:

Google penalizes websites whenever it observes a backlink profile which uses a couple of variations in the anchor text.

Because GOOGLE considers it spammy as it does not look like a natural backlink profile.

The anchor text decides the quality of the link that follows it. Therefore, it is important to optimize the internal links in the right way, which means you are working together with the Webmasters.

Therefore, it best to distribute diverse anchor text.

9. You require technical abilities for Link Building:

 Do you think Link Building requires technical expertise?

It does not matter whether If you are of technical background or not.

The right person for link building is one who has the right sense of creativity, communication, and strategy which is better than writing a piece of code in Javascript.

10. Every “follow” link has equal value.

 Links are of two types – “No-follow” or “ Do- follow”.

Google understands better which link is hard-earned and which link is forcely put into. Google treats a link which comes earlier on the page gains more authority.


It’s not that tough to adopt Link building and SEO on your website. Google search engine algorithm is updated frequently.

These above mentioned are some of the biggest myths in the industry.

Hope you liked it.

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