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Get In Touch With The Best PPC Agency In Gurgaon.

Google Ads is the most potent Ad platform on Google used by businesses to make their Ad campaigns successful and maximize conversion rates. As a leading PPC Company In Gurgaon, we ensure effectiveness in setting up ad campaigns, engaging landing pages, and consistently managing bids and your brand keywords. Our expertise in creating and setting the best ad campaigns helps us drive a plethora of quality leads with a happy experience every month.

Discover the Top-Ranked Paid Advertising Agency in Gurgaon for Exceptional Results

Roundigital has been the best PPC Agency in Gurgaon, known for our highly efficacious paid ad marketing approach that enables companies to entice the desired traffic to their websites, generate more leads, and boost their conversion rates. It specializes in delivering exclusive PPC marketing services with the aim of assisting your business in achieving the zenith of success via a strategically driven approach and faithful commitment to your long-term goals. 

Getting associated with our proficient and top Google ad agency in Gurgaon can effectively pinpoint your target audience by considering variables such as demographics, interests, online habits, and geographical location. Our PPC services have been concretely designed to help clients carve and refine audience segments, guaranteeing the audience’s connection with your brand and relevant people.

How Roundigital Helps Your Brand with Paid Marketing Campaigns?

Keyword Research

The goal of keyword research is to search for profit-driven keywords. We research and identify the best performing keywords, that people type in the search engines in order to find a specific product or service. Keyword research helps in targeting and finding prospective customers at the right time. It helps to rank your brand website for relevant keywords making it a crucial part of a successful marketing campaign.

How do we search for the right keywords?

  • We use a variety of latest paid keyword research tools available in the market today.
  • We also use Brainstorming as a search factor for the right keywords by putting ourselves in the consumer’s shoes.
  • We gather popular terms and topics relevant to different industries by using competitive keyword research tools which help us to compare and evaluate each keyword.
  • We offer our expertise in running Google ads campaign into a successful PPC account with profit-driven keywords.


Campaign Analysis

We have a proper knowledge of how competitors configure their Google Ad campaigns which is a great advantage to your brand. Our best PPC services in Gurgaon provide valuable insights on their bids, spend and landing pages. If your brand is looking for the performance of Google Ads, we help you by performing customize date ranges, look at costs, clicks, and impressions, conversion data and adapt newer changes as per your requirements.
In case of smaller campaign size for small businesses, we track your brand Ad Performance, with which you can analyze CTR, Voice share on Ads, Impressions/Ad, Conversions Data and Cost Data, etc. At our PPC company, apart from analyzing ads within Google Ads Interface, we also use other techniques and methodologies by analyzing ads in Microsoft Excel and Google Ads Editor.

Creating Ad Copies & Campaign

Roundigital comprises of a team of Advertising copywriters and Graphic designers who are experts in creating and crafting the most engaging and eye-catchy ads. With a full-fledged creative team onboard, Roundigital boasts of creating engaging Google Ads that drives the most conversions. Testing is also an important factor when your brand is looking for conversions. We perform A/B testing on multiple ad copies for their performances. Depending on this test, we use the best performing Ad for your brand.

Landing Page Design & Developing

Without a proper landing page, your business is bound to suffer. Some of the landing page design tips, we follow at our best Google ads company in Gurgaon are as follows:

  • Minimalistic and Organized Design:
    An effective landing page design focuses on the look, feel and overall structure that drives conversions. With t he smart use of color palettes and eye-catchy images, your landing page is bound to drive online visitors for conversions. Strong button colors and background color make it utterly impressive, which helps your brand to get the most clicks. We create amazing landing page designs that online visitors cannot resist, without clicking on it.
  • Use of impressive Headers
    We, affordable PPC services in Gurgaon, use unique headers to broadcast your value proposition, which helps to highlight attractive offers your brand is offering.
  • Trust Signals

We use multiple trust signals on landing pages like testimonials and push endorsements from social media channels with “Like counters” and “+1”s.

  • Mobile-Friendly:
    Roundigital optimizes Landing pages for viewing on mobile devices like smartphones, Tablet PCs, etc. A mobile-friendly landing page can generate double the conversion results.
  • Short Visitor Forms
    Forms included for online visitors should be short. With more fields, a web visitor is asked to enter, there are more chances of losing the customer.


Our Pay-per-click ads services in Gurgaon provide a detailed report of the completed work and the upcoming plan that needs to be worked upon for better results. At Roundigital, we offer a comprehensive approach to making your PPC ads work wonders.