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Top Digital Marketing Trends Of 2020 – Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi NCR

Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi NCR

Digital marketing agency in Delhi NCR has become an essential component of all the brand’s marketing strategy teams to unite and develop a presence across its desired audience. Moreover, it is invariably evolving with technological advancement and discovery. As we walk into a new decade, let’s have a look at the digital marketing trends molding the online marketing world in time to come.

The Increasing Popularity Of Social Media Influencers

Influencer marketing has been a successful digital marketing trend for a few years. Now at a stage where it has developed to become a favored and viable medium to create a network, big- shot influencers are thriving on this marketing model. Not just that, with a huge follower base, all types of labels include them as a part of their digital marketing policy to spread out and engage with a large consumer base.

Social media influence has now deemed as a commodity. Whether the brand is a large brand or small, it is equipped to support the power of the extensive followers count that influencers bring with them. 2020 is anticipated to see a steady rise in the fame of influencer marketing.

Video Ad Engagement, Vlogging Welcoming 2020 By Storm

According to IAB’s 2019’s Video Ad Spend Report, video ad streaming has been a necessity in 2019, and this trend is anticipated to remain in 2020. Digital budgets expanded by about 25 percent over a year due to a surge in customer viewing habits.

Online watchers have a greater attention span to both ads and content while seeing educational videos. Also, videos on social platforms, website, live videos on Facebook Live and Instagram Live have a viewership 3x higher than videos that aren’t live.

As discussed earlier, videos particularly live, interest broader viewers as compared to other

Therefore, this reveals the unstoppable achievement of channels such as YouTube, Instagram Stories and Snapchat, video blogs.

Vlogs hold an advantage over various types of video content such as short films and explainer videos due to their capability to connect with the viewers directly. The expression is straight and addressed to the viewer, thereby building a more intimate and direct link with the audience. Video marketing and vlogs remain to grow and diversify globally. It’s time 2020 provided due attention to video ads and vlogs for digital marketing purposes.

Interactive Content & Emails

According to specialists, ninety-one percent of customers search for more interactive and engaging content online. And, holding this concept in focus, the year 2020 is expected to shift its focus towards offering them what they want. AR/VR, quizzes, 360-degree videos, etc.are just a few of the many examples of interactive content online.

Email marketing is still among the top channels in the digital marketing realm. However, it is observed that the ROI is stalling down. Rather, of letting it go, digital marketers are revising it with a completely new approach and look. There is a sudden deterioration in plain-text emails and newsletters. They are being displaced with vigorous, pixel-perfect emails that look charming and interactive.

Commenced in 2019 and extending into 2020, emails crafted for this goal not only look but also work alike web pages, having clickable links and communications to improve conversations.

Other Social Media Channels Taking The Spotlight

Facebook, despite its fame and great earnings, records a decline in revenues. Similarly, Twitter is shifting stagnant. Even though they continue to be a part of some of the fundamental digital marketing tools, alternative social media channels are progressing at a fast pace.

Social media platforms such as Medium, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Reddit are the fresh space for marketers to communicate and engage while equating their brand to millions and a Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi NCR can help you with the same.

Content Experiences Shape Content Marketing Strategies
Content experiences are an excellent mix of content with context. But then you must be thinking – is it important? It is because; each piece of content exchanged online is alike to share an experience with the audience.

It can either be a good one or a bad one considering various factors like layout, placement, setting and a digital marketing agency in Delhi can help you with it.
Suppose, let us consider Coca-cola’s campaign – ‘Share a Coke’ that commenced in 2011 and extends till today. Consumers can simply personalize their bottles with their or anybody else’s
name on it. This not only built a fun element but also united with the customers. The campaign went viral, and people started sharing their photos with their personalized bottles.

In simpler terms, the content experience is concentrating on the entire user experience when buyers engage with the content. Thus, while devising their 2020 digital marketing strategy, marketers will consider holistically and design an appealing brand experience for the consumers.

One of the most influential game-changers of 2020 for the digital marketing field will be developing technologies. From 5G technologies to new advancements in AI, and a series of
connected devices, all these will reconstruct the way customers engage with any sort of content. Mobile App Development Company in Delhi, a Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi NCR have also been in the top list for many firms who are looking forward to increasing trafficA

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