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Link Building Fundamentals You Need To Know About

Link Building Fundamentals

Links are crucial for any website. This also impacts website rankings than any other factor.

Recently, from a Google update, It was known that – Backlinks are considered to be one of the three primary ranking signals.

Therefore, It’s fundamental that ‘Links’ form the backbone of the algorithm of Google.

Now, the question arises:

Why are links are still considered to be important?

Looking back to the decade, When search engines like Yahoo and Alta Vista were the leading players in the search engine market. These search engines used to rank their search results on the basis of the relevancy of the content on the webpage.

Welcome to the GOOGLE Era.

The most recent PageRank Algorithm completely changed the scenario.

Google looks at the number of people who are linked to that page, Instead of analyzing the content of a webpage.

These were one of the things that were done right. After about 2 decades later, Links are still considered the best way to determine the webpage quality.

This is why BACKLINKS still remains Google’s ranking signal.

After that, There came more Google updates. One such update is Google Penguin, which helps Google to focus on the quality of the link.

You may wonder

What are high-quality links and how to build them?

Stay Tuned! while I will cover it below.

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