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Importance of Digital Marketing in a post Covid world

Importance of Digital Marketing in a post Covid world

2020 was a challenging year in all aspects. Covid 19 has not only ruining people’s lives but also has affected people’s livelihood. On average, over 12.2 crores of people have lost their jobs to covid-19, and businesses are still suffering due to this deadly disease. Still, it’s wisely said that “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. “


What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is that part of marketing that makes use of the internet and online-based digital technologies. Digital Marketing can be the direct link between businesses and customers, which allows transparency throughout. In just a few months, covid-19 has turned all the tables forcing companies to accelerate their digitization processes. 

Digital transformation is changing almost everything within a company, starting from operation to workflow and culture. This transformation brings data together to make work more efficient. With the help of AI-ML (Artificial Intelligence – Machine learning), companies can now connect dots on a customer journey in a way that was not possible before. 

Pandemic has changed consumer behavior, with people at home worldwide for an extended period. 2020 saw a significant shift in the way people consume information. To stay competitive, companies are now adopting new forms of marketing, and digital marketing indeed comes as a priority. The kind of audience we have online are precisely the kind of people companies wanted in the past, and Covid has now opened doors for them. 

Social Media is no longer a place to make entertainment content; it’s now a broad marketplace as well. Companies are now prioritizing social channels in order to create more bizarre opportunities. Covid 19 has shifted consumer behavior and expectations from a retail economy to a digital one. 

In this pandemic, many people lost their jobs, and digital marketing has provided employment to many people. The kind of jobs this marketing provides is low investment jobs, which has contributed to the growth of consumerism, which means consumers have easy accessibility to a wide range of products at justifiable prices. Due to many players, competition increases, leading to better variety, enhanced quality, and reasonable costs for an ordinary man; no shop can ever have as much variety as is available on the internet for literally every product. It will also help protect the environment as it shifts marketing on paper, pamphlets, posters to just online drills. That’s It! 

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This can prove to be the start of a revolution where global online workspaces replace the conventional work in offices, and all work happens from home. This will ensure employee comfort and efficiency, worldwide connectivity, and low risks during a disease outbreak-like situation.


Social Media is More Popular Than Ever

Social Media isn’t only a platform to share entertainment or content. It’s now an incredibly thriving marketplace and digital marketer’s paradise, with more than half ( 3.78Bn) of the world’s population participating in social networks.

Businesses are increasingly focusing on social media because of the possibilities they offer. Simply put, social media marketing has now become one of the best methods of reaching a specific group of people and encouraging them to:

  1. Shop
  2. Read about their experiences
  3. Engage with the brand and its target audience
  4. Look out for the latest products


If you use traditional strategies for social media marketing and influencer-based marketing strategies, you can open numerous new opportunities to reach potential customers and target existing ones.


Marketing In Post-COVID World

COVID-19 has changed consumer behavior and expectations. It has accelerated the shift from a traditional physical economy to a digital one.

As time goes on, digital marketing will become as crucial for a business’s growth strategies as it is to its growth efforts. To thrive in the post-COVID age, companies must be able to strategically integrate several channels, such as SEO, content, social and paid,.


Final thoughts

Covid might not change everything as a whole for digital marketing agencies, but it has revived existing trends. Still, we need to make sure it exists even after this pandemic. Considering both consumers and clients have changed their practices, provisioning the services accordingly will be necessary. Although the demand for digital marketing will skyrocket in the coming years, substantial competition will balance this. 


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