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How To Use Google Ads’ New Audiences Like a Professional?

Use Google Ads’ New Audiences

Tips to find your ideal customer with Search Ads with Google Ads’ New Audience Types.

Over 7 years ago, Google launched audiences to Search Ads with the help of RLSA. Since then, improvements started. To be a professional in using audiences, Keep yourself updated with the latest updations in Google’s Audience Portfolio.

Explore your new audiences

Let’s give you a quick recap of Google’s new audience types:

Affinity audiences

You have come across affinity audiences in any display campaign anywhere. The best news, for now, is They are now available for search campaigns.

Consumer Habits and Real-Life Interests are two parameters for this type of audience.

With the help of this affinity audience, One can connect with competitor’s search intent with their passions.

In the event that you definitely realize someone is energetic about what you bring to the table, you can appropriately esteem their eagerness. It’s not that they’re looking, but they’re scanning for something they’re amped up for or are into it.

More 132 segments are available in over 12 categories.

Seasonal events

Let’s give you an instance of seasonal events.

There are specific buying seasons in which people flood in, like Mother’s Day, etc. Seasonal events give a way to reach customers who care deeply about them.

Well, There’s more.

Like for the upcoming Christmas sale, New year Eve, etc, You already know, customers will be heating up soon. These audiences are also available on Youtube now.

Get Customer Match For Similar Audiences

Marketers are still using Customer Match to re-engage with their customers.

But, the question is

What about the campaigns, If you are intended to reach new prospects?

Google Ads audiences work great in this case with the new audience type called Similar Audiences.

For Customer Match, Similar Audiences can be created when possible.

You can use it to reach people who share similar characteristics to your preferred Customer Match Audiences. For eg: On the basis of search behavior etc.

How to start using your new audiences like a professional?

Once you apply new audiences to your search campaigns. Google monitors how long you have been using your audiences.

Some of the things to keep in mind, before using new audience types:

All audiences which also includes new ones

  1. When you are starting the planning phase, Have a look at the Google Ads Audience insights. This will help you find the desired information about your customers (whom you have already reached) and ones whom you can better reach.
  2. Start with the “Observation” setting when you apply audiences. Let the metrics roll in once you add the audiences you care about.

It’s important as well as a quick step.

  1. First, begin with the most relevant audiences. For your audiences and campaigns, some segments are impactful with a high volume for your brand. Begin with any of these impactful ones, and expand when you prove them to be effective.
  2. When you are at the campaign level, apply audiences. You can try it at the ad-group level if you have reasons. But, at the campaign level, people give coverage, you are seeking.
  3. Don’t worry about bid adjustments (if you are leveraging Smart Bidding). These signals are already applied to your auction-time bids.
  4. Adjust bids on performance differences (If not using Smart Bidding). If you find your audience more or less valuable, Let the performances decide. Your bid modifiers should be more significant than you are accustomed to. What’s important here is to create an impact.

Affinity Audiences

  1. You can deploy Affinity audiences in diverse types of industries that are not using audience targeting. Some of these industries which use affinity audiences are Health care, Ecommerce, Finance, etc. Yet, there are more opportunities for other sectors too.

Seasonal Events

  1. Depending on the audience size, plan shifts accordingly. Why?

Your audiences for Christmas Sale won’t be enthusiastic in spring.  Audience Insights can give you the idea of the audience size over the year.

Similar audiences for Customer Match

  1. Use your original Customer Match list, even if you are reporting. This will help you get insights from the list along with the scale of similar audiences.
  2. Focus on long term as Customer Match includes signals that are of longer-term while you will also think about your customers in the longer term. Similar audiences are based on longer-term high-value signals, like your best customers.
  3. It’s good to refresh your seed list regularly. By Default, Customer Match audiences don’t expire. There may be members whom you don’t want to reach again. When you refresh your list, it helps create similar audiences that are similar to your recent high-end customers.

Let’s Wind It Up.

One of the best ways to improve search campaign performance is to use audiences.  As a leading Digital Marketing Agency in Gurgaon, we are leveraging audiences into our marketing strategies. Two types Audiences that were designed to improve relevancy and reach of your ads. When you combine your customer’s search intent with audiences. You are doing great in your strategy.

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