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Get Quality Links and Targeted Traffic With “The Skyscraper Technique” In 3 Steps

Get Quality Links

What is Skyscraper Technique?

 Let’s explain it to you in the following 3 steps.

Step 1: Search content worthy of building links.

Step 2:  If you are creating something, make it better.

Step 3: Make it available to the right audience.

What makes it exciting is that you are searching for a skyscrapper on your genre and adding more stories on its top.

Suddenly, you have the content which people loves to discuss about.

This technique is another strategy which is used to rank on the first page of Google.

Step 1: Search Content (Linkable Treasure) Worthy Of Building Links.

A linkable treasure is the cornerstone of any content marketing campaign focused to generate maximum links.

In short – It’s that type of a page which can be used for building links again and again.

The content of this page is so amazing and useful, that people can’t stop themselves to access and link to it.

One question, How can you judge whether this linkable treasure will gonna succeed or fail?

It’s simple: Search for content which has already built hundreds of links.

Step 2: If You Are Creating Something, Make It Better

In some instances, if you are posting an article which is longer or is described in detail, this may help.

Or simply, If you find a link with a title that says, “20 Ways to Grow Your Business”, Post 200 or more ways.

Updating Usually Helps

You happen to come across an old piece of content (posted a long ago), which you updated with more details. Trust me; you had hit the bull’s eye.

Social Signals is one of the most important ranking factor.

Create something by adding more value (more information) on the same points and update with high quality content.

Design Matters

In some instances, an eye-catchy piece of content can help build more links and social shares, than a similar piece on a “dull look” webpage.

Consistent Enough

A lot of list posts are just ordinary content ordered in a list of bullet points, rather than audience can use.

Instead, what you can do is to create in-depth content on each point on the list, which makes it more valuable.

What’s important?

To beat the existing content, work on each of the levels like content length, design and layout, updated information, etc.

It makes it clear that, you created something better than others.

Step 3: Make It Available To The Right Audience.

Email Outreach is an important factor in the Skyscraper Technique.

That’s a similar way of requesting for a link, with a different approach.

Rather sending emails to random audience, reach out to website owners, who have created links to similar content.

What helps is, you are finally aware that:

  1. They have a website that is on your niche.
  2. They are interested in your content topic.
  3. They have already created link to an article on that topic.

The next step is to provide them a clear idea about your high quality content.

How to Start?

Export all links that are directing to your competitor’s content in a spreadsheet. Tools like, Open Site Explorer and Majestic SEO will certainly help.

It’s Your Turn Now

Now that you have recognized the potential of The Skyscraper Technique,  use it for your website and your brand.

One Important Note: To create something great, it always takes time.

However, using the Skyscraper technique, you know you gonna witness some amazing results in due course of time.  

While experts have been using this popular technique to get top rankings on Google and generate high amount of search traffic. You can achieve it too.

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