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Beyond Google and Facebook advertising: 7 platforms you should try

Advertising Platforms

Even though Google and Facebook both own distinct benefits, they aren’t the sole platforms to promote your brand online. There are plenty of alternatives out there and it is high time to have a look at a few of them. Here is a list of 17 additional ad platforms you must consider. 


As much as you might think that your product is unique and you can set up a virtual shop alongside Amazon that’s effectively competitive, more than you likely you’ll learn the hard way that it just won’t work. When that happens, you’ll need to sell your products using Amazon’s platform. Why do you need to run ads? Because the competition on Amazon is cutthroat. There are simply too many players in the game.

However, Amazon is an excellent place to land if you’re looking for a space to accelerate brand-name awareness and land more sales.


Infolinks give you the platform to reach people in the market when the chances off them turning are too high. It does that with a sophisticated algorithm that exhibits only relevant advertisements to netsurfers. The tool empowers you to: Pick from a variety of ad units, Choose from advanced targeting options, Optimize the maneuvering, Track your outcomes, Run search and display ads.


There is no other place online where you’re most likely to find company owners and administrators who are part of your potential consumer pool. Currently, there are approximately 630 million active professionals on LinkedIn, out of which 180 million are senior-level influencers, 63 million are decision-makers, and 10 million are C-level executives. In other words, the individuals you’re trying to catch are already present there. With LinkedIn, you have several promotion options, including Sponsored Content, Sponsored InMail, Video ads, Text ads, Dynamic ads, etc.

Microsoft Advertising

If you planning to reach out to folks on Bing, Microsoft advertising is the perfect tool for you. Microsoft also presents a huge variety of advertising goals to help you promote your business online. Using this platform, you can: Generate more phone calls, Boost ad engagement, Bring foot traffic to your local store, Trade products online so on and so forth. Thus, if you’re familiar with the standard features offered by Google, you’ll find it effortless to transition to Microsoft Advertising.


There are a few promotion platforms that remarkably stepped up their game in the last few years. One of them is Quora. If you’re unfamiliar with it, Quora is a “Question and Answer” platform where people log on, solicit their questions (anything, really), and then other users in-the-know submit the answer. Various people can add their response to the same question, however, there’s usually a single answer highlighted as the “best” that makes it easier for others to locate.

The major hurdle while managing a company is to reach people who need digital marketing services right now. Quora empowers you to do that by running your ad to folks who are putting inquiries about online marketing. 


Reddit is an online forum for user-generated content. People who relish what other folks post can appreciate it by clicking on the “upvote” button present as an up-arrow next to the content headline. And the rest who didn’t like what they see can “downvote” by snapping the down-arrow.

Reddit also empowers you to build your own post on the platform and then spin it as an ad to target the desired audience. Reddit is an ad platform exclusively for up-and-coming marketers who are desperate for attention.


YouTube Ads grants a targeting platform called “Find My Audience” that enables you to strike solely the viewers who are most likely to become customers. You can go past simple demographics to recognize the folks by habits and interests. As is the case with other advertising options, YouTube Ads also allows you to create In-Market Audiences and Affinity Audiences to expand your horizon even more.

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