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Is It A Good Decision To Choose Mobile App Development Company in Delhi?

Mobile App Development Company in Delhi

Presently, the user perspective governs the market scenario. Most of the people (approximately 70%) use a shopping app to purchase commodities and receive discounts. This signifies the growing popularity of mobile apps in the business ecosystem resulting in Business growth. Mobile app development is divided between segments where businesses decide whether they need a website, a native app, a cross-platform app or a web app. As a leading Mobile App Development Company in Delhi, we have noticed cross-platform apps have gained some traction lately.

Apps are becoming an integral part of human lives. Starting a day with an app buzz and end up spending 50% of our time spent on apps like social networking, music and gaming app. As of 2018 more than 2.9 million apps lies in the Google Playstore. These numbers are consistently rising higher and haven’t shown any signs of an inverted slope. As per stats, the Mobile app market is estimated to reach $935.5 Bn by 2023.

As a panacea for multiple mobile platform challenges, Cross-platform app development is taking a leap with growing popularity among brands and businesses. As a top-notch Mobile App Development Company in Delhi, we would say cross-platform mobile apps offer the advantage of reusing the same code for all platforms with supreme performance.

Let’s brief some of the difference between Native and Cross-Platform 

Apps Native Apps And Cross-Platform Apps – The Differences 

One of the primary challenges app developers faces with the use of native apps is to develop separate code for different platforms.

The cross-platform mobile application development offers a profitable option in contrast to adhering to the local SDKs without really yielding any part of the client experience.

Operational Differences:

Categorized as per their baseline development strategy, Mobile apps are generally divided as – native app or cross-platform apps. A native app operates on a single mobile platform for which it was built, while cross-platform apps can be downloaded and used across diverse platforms.

Development Basics:

As every mobile platform supports a particular IDE, the code of every native mobile app is written from scratch. Native app development requires a lot of effort when businesses target multiple mobile platforms. While cross-platform apps always share a common code base that initiates the cross-platform app development process.

Cross-platform Mobile App development – The Advantages

As a leading Android App Development Company in Delhi, we would suggest you to start with Javascript, CSS and HTML simple basics to work on cross-platform app development. Some of the advantages of cross-platform app development frameworks are as follows:

Short Development Cycle:

Since a single code base is used for multiple platforms In the cross-platform mobile development scenario, it provides an opportunity for developers to reuse almost 80% of the existing code. This actually helps in saving development and deployment time.

Cost Cutting:

Since the code is being reused, it helps in generating revenue over short schedules. Development costs become lower which provides an opportunity that attracts a larger audience.

Quick MVP:

Minimum Viable Product is an important part of the app development environment. As there is a concentrated exertion, the MVP launch is altogether decreased. The basic codebase can be utilized to convey an MVP then the consequent highlights can be included.

Code Duplication:

The development of native apps leads to the generation of a lot of fragmented code. A single code is written and reused in cross-platform apps where debugging effort is also put in use.

Ease of Integration:

Using the cloud environment, It is easy to support cross-platform integration.

Cross-platform App Development – The Core

As a Mobile App Development Company in Delhi, we noticed that – the mobile app development ecosystem is witnessing advancement in technology from the recent decade. 

Tremendous technology advancement has taken place in the mobile app development zone. The multi-platform mobile development is driven by HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

Cross-Platform App Development – Supporting Frameworks

As a top Android App Development Company in Delhi, Let us tell you the advantage of using open source. The open-source advantage of HTML ensures the cross-platform mobile development scores better in the below areas:

  • Open-source code
  • Active community support
  • Clear and fair documentation is feasible
  • It offers a full array of development tools
  • 360-degree support to cover all aspects of app development
  • Codebase makes the app capable of accessing the native device
  • Many times developers come across proven and tested pieces of code

React Native – You Learn Once, You Write Anywhere

We, as a leading Mobile App Development Company in Delhi, we suggest you use React Native. The growing popularity of React Native has been assessed by the list of apps that uses it – like Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Uber, Flipkart, Skype, Amazon Prime, and Microsoft

React Native is used by OneDrive to render its services across multiple platforms. It is a JavaScript code library that was released to the new active community in 2013. Using React Native in mobile app development that becomes very fast and the developers receive wide support from the open-source community……………….

React Native – The Advantages


React Native framework utilize JavaScript (extremely popular programming language), so if you are using the framework for cross-platform app development, you have an abundance of the talent available.

Code Efficiency

The React Native framework applies to the code which avoids the need for rewriting code, which increases its efficiency.

Roundigital is a top-notch Mobile App Development Company in Delhi providing mobile app development services for various brands and businesses. If you want us to take care of your mobile app development requirements, Let us know, We will be happy to help.

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