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Meta descriptions and branding holds the major influence on search click through, survey finds

Mets Descriptions

The highest influence on clickthrough

When asked which part most affected their judgment to click on a result, 62.9% of respondents stated it was the description, 24.2% said it was the brand name and 13% responded it was the title. However, as a moderately conflicting finding, 55.1% of participants declared that they only click on a brand they identify within the search results.

Will more ads turn users away?

Two-thirds (66.7%) of participants said that Google embedding more ads into the search results would make them want to use Google less. This conclusion appears to contradict findings from a study issued in December 2018 in which 75% of respondents said commercials make it more accessible to locate the data they are looking for.

The prime reason people said they snap on search ads is that the ads answered their queries. That may sound obvious, but it’s a useful reminder that advertisements should be relevant to anything the searcher wants to discover.

Why we care

According to the survey, brand recognition had the second biggest influence on clickthroughs, and it’s a make-or-break aspect for some users. Fabricating brand awareness should strengthen your SEO efforts, and vice versa, to earn and capitalize on organic visibility.

Additionally, the survey highlighted the significance of writing compelling narratives. Site owners and SEOs must assure that their descriptions align with search purposes, as Google won’t use your description if it believes a more accurate one can be taken straight from your page’s content.

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