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6 of the Most Effective Social Media Marketing Listening Tools

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As more brands communicate social media for customer insights, social listening tools are gaining momentum. Here are our top 6 picks for 2020.

Social listening gives you access to what people are saying about your brand, industry, or competitors across social media and therefore the web – often without them being tuned in to you listening. If you recognize a way to word your queries and filter the results, you’ll find yourself with the first authentic, unbiased insights you’ll be able to get as a business.

We are known to be the top-notch social media marketing company in Gurgaon, offering Quality social media services to various brands and business. Some of the Social listening tools we use for our clients are listed below.


Awario could be a relatively new tool that (finally!) makes social media and web monitoring affordable for businesses of any size. With plans starting at $29/mo, Awario offers plenty of capabilities that you’ll find in Enterprise-level tools.

You can use the tool to observe mentions of your brand, competitors, industry, or maybe founded complex Boolean queries for the less obvious use cases. As an example, Awario helps you to detect plagiarized copies of your content, find linkless brand mentions that you simply can develop into links, and monitor new backlinks to your site.

The platform also offers a social selling tool, called Leads, as a free add-on to all or any users. The device uses predictive insights to seek out people who’re posing for recommendations a few products like yours or trying to find another to your competitors.

Supported networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, Reddit, news and blogs.


  • A Boolean search mode to line up flexible queries and improve the accuracy of the results.
  • An Influencers report outlining the foremost influential people talking about your brand, competitors, or industry
  • – A free Leads add-on for sales prospecting on social media.
  • Enterprise-level analytics like sentiment analysis, location and language breakdown, and unlimited historical data available all told plans.

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If you aren’t quite able to invest in a standalone social listening or reputation management platform, Agorapulse is a superb 2-in-1 option: it offers both the scheduling and monitoring bits.

The tool will find @mentions of accounts you connect furthermore as comments on your social media posts, plus allow you to go looking for keywords of your choice across Twitter. The tool also helps you to identify influencers within your social media audience and assign conversations to your team in an exceeding depression.

While Agorapulse doesn’t offer web monitoring, it’s an excellent choice if you’re mainly curious about social mentions.

Supported networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube.


  • The ability to tag essential mentions.
  • Being able to assign conversations to team members.
  • Audience insights that permit you to identify influencers and brand ambassadors.
  • A built-in CRM that helps you to create lists of prospects and influencers.
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TweetDeck is Twitter’s official social media dashboard that helps you to manage your Twitter presence as a business, particularly if you have got multiple accounts that you merely regularly post to.

The tool’s column layout helps you to add in several “streams”: feeds from people you follow, trending posts, direct messages, and mentions of any keywords of your choice.

For the latter, TweetDeck gives you access to Twitter’s search functionality, with the flexibility to narrow searches down using language and site filters, negative keywords, and date ranges. You’ll be able to then engage with mentions on behalf of any of the Twitter accounts you connect with the app.

Supported Networks: Twitter.


  • Built-in Twitter search filters, like location, language, and negative keywords.
  • Twitter scheduling capabilities for multiple accounts.
  • A neat column layout that helps you to keep your feeds organized.

Keyhole is another 2-in-1 social media tool: it helps you to both automate your posts and track keywords or hashtags across Twitter and Instagram. On top of that, you’ll be able to monitor brand mentions across blogs and news sites. The tool comes equipped with analytics, too, including sentiment analysis, keyword clouds, and mention maps that display which countries your social mentions come from.

Keyhole’s higher-tier plans also include premium features like tracking industry influencers, unlocking historical mentions, and getting API access to Keyhole’s data.

Supported Networks: Twitter, Instagram, News and Blogs.


  • Social media management capabilities.
  • Powerful analytics, like sentiment analysis, keyword clouds, and mention maps.
  • API access available in higher-tier plans.
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Mention is another social media and web monitoring tool. Its focus is on real-time search – putting in an alert will provide you with results from the last 24 hours. Historical data is offered upon request under the Custom plans.

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Apart from social listening, Mention helps you to discover Twitter and Instagram influencers by running quick keyword searches. The tool then helps you to add influencers of your option to lists, save your files in CSV, and import them into your CRM tool.

Mention comes with data-rich reports available out of the box, but the $64000 power is within the Insights Center where you’ll be able to build your custom reports and automate delivery.

Supported Networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, Reddit.


  • Tags that permit you to organize your mentions.
  • Influencer discovery and management.
  • An ability to make your custom reports and automate delivery.
  • A Slack integration to send the most recent mentions to your Slack channels.

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