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Case Study

Vostro is a leading footwear brand in India that competes with world-class brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma, etc. The brand partnered with Roundigital to administer their Social Media campaigns. The goal was to increase brand awareness among the Indian audience to maximize their engagements on popular social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, etc. 


Amidst the pool of leading global brands, Vostro was an emerging Indian Footwear brand that required brand awareness to strive in the Indian market. The challenge was to gain more attention from the social audience in terms of engagements. There was an urgent need to plan a content marketing strategy for Social Media that would drive major engagements. 


The Roundigital Social Media team conducted in-depth research on the need and the ongoing competition and developed a Content Marketing Strategy for Social Media, which included the following social media pillars that align to the Tagline of the brand that says,” Become Unstoppable”

    • Brand Building Posts (copywriting)

    • Features Posts ( highlights Lightweight, Perforated, etc)

    • Footwear according to Location Posts.

    • Color posts (highlighting multiple colors)

    • Engagement posts (Questions for audiences)

    • Product Showcasing. (Imagery)

    • Offer Post (Discount offers)

    • Health Tips (that includes footwear)


The Roundigital strategy worked with admirable results. Vostro witnessed an increase of 3x organic reach and more than a 5x increase in engagements on Facebook and Instagram. 

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