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Case Study

Housmaid is a popular domestic help services provider in Gurgaon. With a wide range of services like Maids, Servants, Pantry Boys, Cooks, Personal Driver, Pet care, Eldercare, Gardeners, etc. The client was competiting with brands like Book My Bai, HireHelps, Helpersnearme, Homehealth4India, Babajob, etc.


Housmaid is one of the 5000 agencies that provide domestic help services in Gurgaon. The initial challenge for the brand was to be popular in Gurgaon, which stands in par with the existing brands. Secondly, conversions was a concern as it was a primary factor for growth and sustainablility in the market.


The client partnered with Roundigital to overcome its business problems. The creative team and the online marketing team brainstormed to come out with the best solution. The solution was divided into the following 4 categories.


  • Unique design to reflect the brand image:


The creative design and the copy team came out with the perfect solution to match the market trends. The use of the logo color however presented the brand outlook in an elegant way. 



  • Social Media Solutions:


Roundigital targeted every social media post (creatives, Gifs, Videos, Infographics) to gain an organic reach of over 1500. Also, Blogposts (mentioning advantages) was shared on popular social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, and Google My Business.



  • SEO Solutions:


To achieve organic brand visibility, Roundigital formulated the perfect SEO strategy by targeting the popular keywords of competitors which also included LSI ones. Also, Unique long-form content was used to rank the generic keywords within short span of time.



  • Lead Generation:


Roundigital used Google Ads and Facebook Ads to generate leads. The results were overwhelming where they received quality leads at optimum bid costs.



Within initial 6 months, Housmaid achieved a 3 x in terms of revenue generation which also increased 5 times in social engagements. However, from the SEO perspective, The brand ranked 16 keywords in the top 10 list of the Google SERPs. 

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