How BERT is Assisting SEO Agencies to Focus on Collaboration Strategies

Google Bert Update

BERT is contending agencies to evaluate how content creators and SEOs cooperate to address users’ intent and render the best results for clients. What is the Google BERT Update? – The major focus of the BERT algorithm prevails, as ever on excellent quality content. Nevertheless, the part that makes BERT distinct from the rest of the […]

Google’s Bert Update Will Affect Content Marketing. How?

Google’s Bert Update

1 in 10 search queries will get affected by Google’s Bert update. Let’s give you an idea about the biggest Google’s update since the release of Rankbrain So, what exactly is Bert? Bert is a short form for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. Haha! You must be wondering about what that means? To better understand […]