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Know About The New Guidelines Of Google Link Building.

Link Building

The more do-follow links (regular links) you have for your brand, the better is your search rankings.

Do you know how Google treats links?

You should know about it. Google made its algorithm very smart.  It wants you to mark the links ideally as “No-follow”. If they are not earned naturally (from Guest Posts) or is bought from another website.

Google’s algorithm is specially designed which can easily detect whether it is a Guest post through fields like “ Former contributor” or “ Guest contributor”.

With these fields, Google can easily determine a link whether it’s natural or earned.

If Google wants to ignore a link count from a specific author, they can simply make it on their end.

In both the categories of link building (whether no-follow or do-follow), Google can control whether a link will help with your rankings or not.

Some of the changes which Google wants webmasters to make:

Google’s policy in new Link Building

If you are buying a link or somebody is paying you for a link, Google wants you to mark it as sponsored. Not just in the text of the site, but also through the link attribute:

Rel= ”sponsored”

And if are using user-generated content to build links, Google wants us to mark the links with the attribute:


The same goes for website owners. For example, if you have a forum on your site, as it’s about user generated content, the links that users place should contain a


You can still use the “nofollow” attribute or use a combination of the both of above. For example,

For paid links, use the Rel=”nofollow sponsored”.

So, what’s the reason behind the change?

Google says, by adding these attributes will give them an idea whether they should crawl the link or not?

Or when it comes to indexing or SEO, how will Google analyze?

This change is effective from March 1, 2020, and not to worry because your old links will require no modifications. Leave the ones “ nofollow” which you want as nofollow.

In future, if you decide just to use nofollow instead of “sponsored”, It will be fine.

Google ranks a website on the top which more people loves. It does not aim to rank a website at top rankings, for its “organized SEO”.

So, It’s time to focus on creating a wonderful user experience, develop a great product or service, Quality and engaging content creation, and to stay ahead of your competition (something which your competitors may not be doing).

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