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How Social Media Can Help You Grow Your Business? – Social Media Agency In Delhi

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43% of the global population exist on popular social media platforms that amount to nearly 3.2 billion. Social Media has laid a major advantage for businesses to increase brand awareness, interact and maximize conversions. Roundigital, a top-notch social media agency in Delhi puts light on the current growth opportunities by leveraging efficient social media strategies. Know how social media can grow your business below.
When you put your business on social media platforms, you are entitled to a growth streak by opening doors to numerous opportunities. Regardless of whether it’s a small business or a larger enterprise, you have every chance for success. As a leading Social Media Agency in Delhi, we managed social media accounts of popular brands and mid-scale businesses and got overwhelming results in 2019.

Let us list some of the benefits that our clients got from the use of social media – Social Media Marketing Agency in Delhi.

1. A shoe brand based in India approached us for handling their social media accounts and campaigns. The social media goal was to increase brand awareness in tier 2 cities in India. On the part of the social media marketing agency in Delhi, the strategists and project managers brainstormed and developed an efficient strategy that will best attract the audience’s attention. Content pillars in accordance with the brand’s proposition were planned and designed for social platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Results : There were extraordinary results reflected in the brand’s part. The strategy worked so well that we witnessed remarkable organic results with an increase of 3 x engagements and 5x awareness.

2. Another success story is of the popular online portal for domestic help services called “Housmaid”. However, this time the goal was different. The goal was to increase leads and maximize conversions. As our responsibility as a social media marketing company in Delhi, we planned to leverage the power of content marketing to generate more leads and conversions. We planned small targets like increasing shares to maximize audience’s reach.

Results: We witnessed an increase of 3x in the number of leads than earlier.
That was amazing as it led to more conversions than before. (Find this case study in the official website of social media agency in Delhi).

3. There is a popular B-School in Gurgaon that approached us to handle their social media account. The urgent need was to increase traffic to their official website and boosting their brand engagement. That was interesting to us as a social media marketing company in Gurgaon. We finalized the strategy to combine SEO and Social Media goals that would lead us to drive more brand engagements and driving traffic to their website.
Results: The increase in social media brand awareness also boosted organic traffic to their website, which also included an increase in brand engagement.

4. An Integrated Facility Management Company approached us to handle their social media accounts. The need was to increase brand awareness that would help in generating leads and conversions. The experts at the social media marketing company in Delhi developed a well-planned strategy with leveraging creative designs and copywriting to increase leads and conversions.
Results: We achieved fantastic results from the social media strategy planned. Organic Reach increased that helped us driving more engagements towards the brand, which resulted in more leads and conversions.

Well there are more. We will discuss it in a separate blog. Social media has proved to be a consistent driver for business growth . As a leading, we are equipped to deliver the best results. If you want us to take care of your social media needs, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you


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