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How Digital Marketing Is Transforming in 2020?


Not really a piece of good news for all!

Everything is witnessing a change in 2020. There is an increasing popularity of voice search in 2020.

According to Comscore, Voice search will dominate half of the mobile searches in 2020.

While many of us are already experiencing low Facebook reach followed by reach on Instagram, also Linkedin reach.

“Reaches on social media is continually going down”.

At the very start of 2020, Let’s brief you on the upcoming trends.

Trend- I

Organic reach of videos will gradually drop!

Like many of those popular digital marketing blogs already mentioned about the increasing popularity of video marketing in 2019. 

So, towards the end of the year, the majority of the people, as well as marketers, already know about video content as the popular form to build connections with the audience.

Have you wondered why everybody is using videos?

But, there is nothing more to go with it, when you can’t do much about it.

There is a solution. 

Are you familiar with Multicast?

By creating more videos while you focus to create one for all social platforms.

Go LIVE! While creating videos and you can see the rise in engagement. 

And just because you are going live, your video gets pushed.

And this will also help you stand out while competing with television channels.

Did you know about this?

Like all popular search engines like Youtube, Facebook even has agreements with some of the popular sports networks.

So while they are competing with television channels, As you Go Live!

They push your video to your subscribers and all of the people present on the platform (social). You get more engagements if you engage more with them.

That way, you can definitely get more reach. 

And just after that, if you even post recorded videos, you will get more love – Just because of the live videos you are posting once in a month.


There is another form of content that is rising fast.

Educational interactive content like infographics that are bite-sized.

The best part is – 

When you scroll, it breaks down about its subjects till the end.


Search traffic will lower eventually on Mobile devices. Why?

Let’s brief you a little about it.

You must have observed, these days more mobile snippets appear on mobile devices.

This will lead to a decrease in search traffic.

In that case, we recommend you to use structured markup on your website.

This will help you to get rich snippets which will result in getting more voice search traffic comparatively.

This will ultimately help you fight against the decrease in mobile organic traffic.

Trend 4:

When it comes to market consolidation, GOOGLE will continue doing this in different markets.

As two major competitors, Google and Amazon are competing hard with each other.

You can see a “Buy Now” button on the Google button.

This implies that you can buy directly on Google without even going on Amazon’s site.

It’s normal to adapt to Google’s changes that will eventually lead to generating more conversions, traffic, and leads.

Trend 5:

The “once upon a time” trending influencer marketing budgets will lower.

The main reason is that “social engagement is gradually lowering”. InfluencerDB, one of the popular influencer marketing analytics firms, however revealed that Influencer marketing is gradually declining.

Now is the time when you don’t need to pay influencers more money and rather find more of them. 

Simply don’t focus on quality, now is the time for quantity.

This is how you generate more sales from influencer marketing.

Trend 6:

Social Media stories are not popular as before. It’s not a win-win scenario anymore.

As more people flood on social media, people simply doesn’t engage with people they don’t care about.

Trend 7:

With the gaining popularity of virtual reality, shoppable experiences will get more and more adaptive. 

This will help customers to have virtual shopping experiences before making their purchase decisions.

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