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content marketing trends

A complete guide to Content Marketing Trends in 2020 that will include – How to promote your content, Content formats that are running right now, New content creation strategies, Loads of advanced suggestions, strategies, and techniques.

Current Trends-

1. Double Down on Video 

Facebook video posts are a thing, but if you desire to receive the most eyeballs on your video content, YouTube is where your focus should be.

YouTube is more prevalent than Facebook, Instagram… or any other website on this planet besides Google, and it holds the power to achieve views even after YEARS of uploading them.

Another exceptional quality of YouTube is that it promotes your content in front of NEW audiences. For example, according to my YouTube Studio account, 149,209 unique people watch my videos every month.

And the best way to get your videos seen on YouTube? Optimize for “Suggested Video”.

And To get more views from YouTube Suggested Video, optimize your video description and tags around a growing, popular topic. And last is a pre-written script. And since I’m reading from a tight script, my final video is super crisp.

2. Promote With Email

Email marketing is as old-school as piping into NES cartridges. But it’s effect is still GREAT. The first thing is to Replace Your Blog Feed With a Homepage.

You can also Try This Simple Newsletter Template which is the best means to share new content with your email subscribers.

Topic Upgrades is a lite version of a conventional Content Upgrade. Instead of a resource that precisely talks about that post you offer your audience something that’s specific to that topic.

If you want people to stay on your email list you can just send them links to your latest blog posts. and If you want, you can also make about 10% of your newsletter content exclusive stuff that you don’t publish on your blog, saving it for your loyal audience.

Be The Source”- These columns are the research-based bits of content that comprises new and fascinating data. One must focus on New Topics and Trends.

A new topic is PERFECT for Be The Source post since there’s no data on that topic available yet.

Therefore, when you publish data from a high-quality industry study, your post has the possibility of achieving huge first-mover dominance. Talking about the Source content, there’s one big catch to keep in mind:

If you want people to take your research seriously, your data has to be 100% valid.

Visuals improve your Source Content for two main reasons: they make your data easier to interpret and visuals give other bloggers something to embed into their posts, which can lead to contextual backlinks and can be promoted with a Press Release.

3. Get Engagement on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Posts can be used as an asset to Promote Your Content aswell. Unlike Facebook, organic reach on LinkedIn is raging right now. But there’s a catch here -for your content to get lots of reaches, it needs to be SUPER engaging.

So if you just share your post with a link, The possibility of it getting buried by LinkedIn’s algorithm is too high. LinkedIn Articles can also be reposted via Blog Content. People actually enjoy the content they find on LinkedIn: “91 percent of the marketing executives rank LinkedIn as the best place to attain high- quality content.” Optimizing Your Profile for Followers and SEO can also help as the profile shows up when people search for “SEO”, “content marketing” and other keywords that pop out in the profile.

4. Create More Epic Content

Epic content is just like it sounds: Its content is so massive, so in-depth, so impressive, that it can’t help but get attention. Firstly, Content Design Is a Competitive Advantage Because Design can really help your content stand out.

When it comes to content marketing in 2020, what’s more important: Quantity? Or Quality?

In my opinion, the answer is: “quality”. And it’s not even close. Unless you have a massive team of writers, it’s pretty much impossible to create lots of Epic Content.

Work With Domain Experts because A Domain Expert can discuss SaaS from their own first- hand knowledge: details, examples, beta versions, doubts, partnerships, pricing tests… and a million other things that you ONLY achieve from doing something in real life.

5. Jump On Emerging

Epic Content is one way for your content to stand out. You can also consider Google Trends Related Queries since Google Trends is GREAT for confirming if a keyword is growing or shrinking.

Exploding Topics browses the internet for terms that are rising to blow up. Now that you have created a Guide after finding an emerging topic, the next step is to create a guide.

Since the topic is so new, your guide will instantly become the guide on that topic.

6. Content Repurposing 2.0

Reprocessing content is a great way to ascend the content marketing. It helps you create something new without actually starting over every time. Just Match The Content To Each Format And Reuse Specific Steps and Tips.

You can simply take one of your best sections from an existing piece of content and reuse it somewhere else.

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