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11 Upcoming Digital Marketing Trends You Need to Know in 2022

Upcoming Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing Trends

From the era of flyers to social media posts, Digital Marketing has proved that it is adequate to move on and adapt to sustain the market and competition. Advertising in the digital domain is all about connecting people to products and services and making them realize why they need them in their lives. 

Each year digital marketing becomes more complex. Marketing fundamentals such as SEO, PPC branding, UX, and branding are no longer sufficient. Instead, marketers now need to manage emerging social channels, evolving regulations and content, automation, and personalization.


Here are the upcoming 11 digital marketing trends that every top Digital Marketing Company need to know in 2022 – 

  1. The Metaverse

By the Metaverse, we’re not just referring to Facebook Inc. but the entire virtual world of – augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D holographic avatars, and video. As a result, companies can benefit from a first-mover advantage by marketing their product/service in virtual realms as it gathers momentum and acceptance over the coming years. 


  1. Voice Search

This is an upcoming digital marketing trend as many people have spoken to Siri or Alexa to ask them for help instead of typing it into a search engine. Voice search is not slowing down and will continue to influence how brands market and create content online significantly.

Voice-search optimization is a popular way for users to find information and details about products and businesses. In addition, voice-activated ads and virtual assistants will soon be sharing sponsored content with their answers. This convenience is why voice-search optimization can be a great option for your marketing strategy.


  1. Cryptocurrency & NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)

Online currencies such as crypto and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have seen steady growth in popularity since 2022. While it may not seem like this would be a good fit for your marketing strategy, it is possible. Although cryptocurrencies aren’t yet a big hit with mainstream organizations, it is something marketers should be aware of as a trend toward decentralized financing.

If the target audience is right, cryptocurrency can help businesses attract new customers. Therefore, it is smart to jump on the online currency bandwagon, especially since social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter offer cryptocurrency payment options and NFT display tools.

It would help if you thought about how to market your brand beyond what products or services you offer to integrate NFTs with cryptocurrencies.

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are a trending aspect of blockchain. It can’t be traded for anything of equal value because it doesn’t have any equivalents. The U.S. Dollar is an example of fungibility. A $100 bill can be exchanged for five $20 bills. However, you can’t exchange your grandmother’s wedding ring, which is non-fungible, for any other of equal value because there’s an authenticity element.

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  1. Zero & First-party Data

Marketers have one more year before Google removes third-party cookies from its website. This means that 2022 will be the most significant year for privacy and data protection. Unfortunately, many marketers fail to grasp that your audience is owned and controlled by Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. They are not yours to control. This is why 2022 should not be your year to take control of your audience. This means that brands need to integrate data collection methods that respect consumer privacy. Your campaigns for 2022 should encourage you to collect first-party data so that you don’t have too much to rely on other people’s data. There are many options, including email, newsletters, and social media. In addition, it is important to have zero-party data. This means data that the consumer gives directly through online interactions, such as surveys.


  1. Social Commerce

Social Commerce generally refers to the act of selling products on social media networks. It is quite different from that of social media marketing since we are not redirecting them to an online store but rather giving them the ability to check out from the social media site they’re on. 


  1. Interactive marketing

Connecting with your customers on an intimate and personal level doesn’t need to be difficult. Interactive content is dominating social media platforms and will continue to dominate them in 2022. Immersive marketing is a fast-growing trend that allows you to connect with your customers using immersive techniques such as – 

  • Polls, questionnaires, quizzes
  • Interactive calculators
  • Virtual reality 360°


  1. Environmentally-conscious marketing

More and more consumers-specifically, millennials-have indicated that they would pay more money for sustainably produced products. Businesses that are keen to keep up with social trends can take advantage of the opportunity to be sustainable.

Green initiatives can help your business gain a competitive edge over other businesses and win favor with younger customers.

Here are some ways you can include sustainability in your marketing strategy through upcoming digital marketing trend:

  • Incorporate environmental activities into your company culture and business practices
  • Social media stories can help you show your support for sustainability in your company
  • Show your commitment to environmental causes by demonstrating that you are a business owner


  1. Video marketing

The popularity of TikTok and video production have made it a popular trend in recent years. As a result, streaming video online is easier than ever, so you must include this trend in your digital marketing strategy.

It doesn’t take much to produce videos. Simple but effective videos can easily be produced using your phone and some basic video production knowledge. It’s important to adjust your marketing strategy to keep up with mobile-first trends, especially with the pace at which “mobile-first” is gaining momentum.


  1. Conversational marketing

According to research, modern consumers expect faster answers to their questions. Many customers are now expecting a business response within minutes. Customers don’t want to wait days or even hours for a response from businesses. This is true even if they are asking questions at odd hours of the day. Customers may consider moving their business elsewhere if they don’t get an answer immediately.

Conversation marketing is a great tool to assist customers when they need it. It removes all guesswork and encourages dialogue-based communication that encourages engagement. You can use it in many different channels, which makes it easier to meet the needs of every client. Chatbots, virtual sales assistants, and personalized email messaging are some examples.


  1. Stories from social media

Since the introduction of social media stories, they have become a popular way for people to share small bits of information on a variety of social platforms. These stories are different from traditional social media posts because they are only visible for 24 hours and can be viewed by users before disappearing.

Stories are the ideal digital marketing trend for 2022. Stories don’t clog up people’s newsfeeds and can be a powerful way to build customer relationships.

Here are some ideas for stories on social media:

  • Story polls can be used to collect consumer data.
  • Include live video
  • Story Q&As increase engagement
  • Geofilters and local tags allow you to share causal updates and make connections with local consumers.
  • Stories can be a powerful way to build authentic relationships with consumers. Join the many who include them in their marketing strategies.


  1. Collaborations between Creators

Young adults who are forward-thinking and looking for a way to earn a living are turning to creativity. You can help by forming mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships with local creators.

Independent creators have the ability to make personal connections with customers and may have their own social media accounts.

These creators are a great way to introduce your business to a new audience. So, please take advantage of this growing trend while it is still promising and evolving.


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